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14th October 2021

Top tips for maintaining good client/web designer relationships

We're a highly strung and easily startled breed us web designers.

It must be something to do with the artistic temperament, or perhaps the challenge of having to simultaneously master both the creative and technical sides of a complex disciplne, when most normal folks are good at either one or the other. Or perhaps just too much (or not enough) caffeine.

Whatever the case, I've heard many horror stories over the years of how the relationship between a client and their web designer can break down, most often through simple miscommunication, a failure to properly set out project parameters and responsibilities at the start of a project or sometimes just plain ill behaviour from one side or the other or both.

I'm a genial fellow myself, so I generally manage to muddle along well with my clients and keep everyone happy, but disagreements and tantrums can occasionally happen in any walk of life, so here a few tips for both web designers and clients on how to keep things ticking along smoothly at all points of the project timeline:


  1. DON'T confuse your designer with your editor.I've often found that clients 
  2. DO
  3. DON'T
  4. DO
  5. DON'T

Web Designers

  1. DON'T
  2. DO
  3. DON'T
  4. DO
  5. DON'T

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I have had the pleasure of working with Steve on my new website and been delighted to find somebody who listened to my needs and was only satisfied once I was. A rare quality these days.
Peter Gray, Proprietor, Cliffords Cottage Restaurant